Sunday, June 19, 2016

Long Time Update

Well, can't believe I've had the boat as long as I have. I think I've said it before but I think I really had the most enjoyment/reward from building her, rather than sailing her. Not that she isn't a great little sail, just I'm more of a handyman than sailor. Still, it is time I put in a bit of an update.

Rosa gets stored under cover but with the Queensland rain she does get the occasional soaking. I pulled her out the other day to see how she's fairing and ended up spending the next few days fixing her up, getting rid of some wood rot and repainting her.

The point of weakness comes from the two holes drilled for the bridle that goes across the stern that holds the block for the main sheet. These holes (one on each side) didn't take the paint too well and so ended up soaking in the water and then becoming sources for damp rot in the ply.

I have drilled out, cleaned up and 'bogged' the damage. Would have like to have done it all with BoteCote epoxy but my 'part A' had turned into a solid block. Guess there's a shelf life on that stuff.

I would have liked to have lined the holes with brass tube as brass just seems the most nautical of metals however, only had aluminium tube on hand. Salt water can attack that so I've coated them well and force fitted them into the new holes while the paint was still wet. Paint is an exterior gloss sun tough acrylic house paint that I use a lot around the yard (similar to the 'Solagard' brand). Holds up to the sun well and stays quite flexible even after extended UV exposure. It's like giving the woodwork a coat of plastic.
Rotted timber removed

Builder's bog covering all sins
Tube cut to size and coated

Tube fitted in place

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday, April 9, 2012

Finally, Some Nice Weather

Gorgeous day with a light breeze, so seemed like the perfect time to take Rosa out for a spin. The breeze was a little too light so again, not as exciting a day out as it could have been. Tried Hinze Dam and it looks like it has a lot of potential.

Hardest part was getting away from shore as the wind direction was basically straight back into our faces and the little 'tac' we had to take to get out led straight into some weed.

So our departures were far from graceful (someone had to be neck deep in the water and then give a huge shove to get out, followed by a scramble to get back in the boat) but once we were out it was okay. The dam is much bigger than Lake Orr and very picturesque. We were basically stuck in the Eastern arm and didn't get near the dam at all. Would have been nice to transit along the dam (but outside of the exclusion zone) and into the Western arm... but not today.

We took some friends and their kids, who seemed to have a nice time. Well done the hero who rescued my lost hat!